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My name is Jason Pamental, and I’m a web strategist, designer and technologist. I help clients do things they didn’t think they could do; fix problems they might not know they had; work together better and connect with their customers in deeper, more meaningful ways than ever before. That’s the power of the web and mobile technology when thoughtfully designed and applied with a keen sense of how your business works.

I’m also co-founder of h+w design (new!), spend some time writing on various topics (mostly design and web-related), speak at conferences and events, help organize some online communities such as Innochat and DrupalPVD, and stay as involved as I can in the local design and tech community. For the curious, you can go here to learn more about me and what I used to create this site, and see a few of the recent images I’ve posted from

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slides for my talk on Designing for Uncertainty at #eduiconf

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 I gave a talk today the the edUi Conference in Richmond, VA. It’s been a fantastic conference so far, and worth more words than I can devote right now (because Whitney Hess (@whitneyhess) is speaking and she’s fantastic and worth the attention). But the response to my talk was just overwhelming, and I wanted to get the slides up here quickly.

Thanks for all your feedback and tweets so far - please stay in touch!