slides for my talk on Designing for Uncertainty at #eduiconf

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 I gave a talk today the the edUi Conference in Richmond, VA. It’s been a fantastic conference so far, and worth more words than I can devote right now (because Whitney Hess (@whitneyhess) is speaking and she’s fantastic and worth the attention). But the response to my talk was just overwhelming, and I wanted to get the slides up here quickly.

Thanks for all your feedback and tweets so far - please stay in touch!


Curiosity: Not just for killing cats anymore

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It’s what drives innovation. It’s what drives the web. It’s the force behind the questions ‘Why?’ and ‘What if?’

If Tim Berners-Lee was not curious, he would not have created the very place we all work.

If Marc Andreeson wasn’t curious there would be no graphical browser.

If Dries wasn’t curious we wouldn’t have Drupal (there may be a spelling issue there too)

If you weren’t curious you wouldn’t be here.

designing in public, inspired by @zeldman & started with Goudy Sans

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Lots of ‘new’ today. New version of Drupal (7), new host provider ( @linode ), new markup language (HTML5), new evolution of design based around Goudy Sans and built responsively and designed from the typography out. And new rough edges. Lots, to be honest. But overall I’m pretty pleased.

looking back, moving forward

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Well, the ball’s about to drop in NYC to ring in 2012. Looking back at 2011, I really can’t quite believe how much has happened. The year started early on with a pretty amazing development: my wife started working with me at @schoolyard – which has been absolutely amazing. That was followed by writing a couple articles for Monotype’s blog at (more on the way!), speaking at DrupalCon London, Do It With Drupal in Brooklyn and Future of Web Design in NYC (again!).


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I’m not sure if this is really a tradition quite yet, but certainly something worth doing once a year at the very least. One thing that I’ve come to recognize about my life thus far is that it’s been a very fortunate one. Not that it’s been all easy, that I want for nothing or anything of that sort. It’s been fortunate in the sense that even the challenges that I’ve faced, both internal and externally imposed, have brought me to a point in life where I can honestly say I’m profoundly happy.

Slides from my talk at #FOWD

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I need to write more about my experiene at #FOWD this year - because it really kinda blew my mind. It’s a rare thing indeed to go through two days of sessions at a conference and have not a single dud. Seriously - and I could easily have sent a clone to a few more. Just an amazing bunch of speakers who all clearly spent a TON of time on their presentations and were as generous with their time and knowledge off the stage as on it.

Do It With Drupal 2011 triple-play madness

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So I went to Brooklyn this week pretty excited: I’d been asked about giving a talk on web typography at Do It With Drupal ( #diwd ) - Lullabot’s conference about Drupal and the larger world of the web. With keynotes from Jeffrey Zeldman ( @zeldman ), Jeff Robbins ( @jjeff ) and Josh Clark ( @globalmoxie ) it was an honor to be on the schedule. I also had a fun little announcement to make that came about just in time too. Things, as they say, didn’t necessarily go according to plan.

90 minutes out

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I left for DrupalCon London last Sunday night, flying overnight and heading right into a day-long discussion about Drupal in education. The week progressed in a similar fashion: I gave my talk on web typography on Tuesday and the days and evenings were full. I had some amazing discussions, went to informative and inspiring sessions, a bit of revelry and work on projects filling up the late night and inter-session nooks and crannies. Now I’m sitting on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to Boston, where my darling wife Ellen and Phoebe and Trevor will be waiting.

London Calling: Headed to #DrupalCon to Put Arial Out to Pasture

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Heading to London tonight for DrupalCon this week! I'll be giving a talk on web typography, web fonts and Drupal, and have to say I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out. The slides and video will be available after the conference but here's a copy of the slides. I'll add a link to the articles I've written for Monotype's blog as well (another one should be live tomorrow with demo code to view and download).

Go ahead, London...


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