The brutal heat of summer breaks...

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Well, we launched 7 projects in about 6 weeks since the 2nd week of August. What a grind! We ended up having 4 different development teams working on the various projects, and it was crazy trying to keep on top of things. But we did it - everything launched. Keeping tabs on upkeep and analytics now, and finally trying to deal with the 1000+ emails in my in box (down to 822 at the moment - a victory of sorts!).

Two projects for a major retail site, a new section developed for an existing site, a new monthly publication site, a student portal for a 4-campus university, an awards site and a site (with two 'faces' for two different URL's) for a new restaurant. Wow, we're tired! Amazing teamwork - no way it could have been done without some extraordinary cooperation both within (add)ventures and with all our partners.

Now it's time to catch up, work on our own projects a bit, and get some much-needed rest.

Next stop for me? A few days off here and there to drive my 912 - maybe get up to Maine and out to the Hartford area and out on the Cape to catch up with some other 912 owners and check in with Michael Grishman at Autosport Northeast, who rebuilt my engine for me last summer.

Hmmm - and try to catch up on this blog. A bit of a lag since I posted last!