talking about Social Media & Mobile's impact on marketing @ Providence College

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I had a great time this past week dropping in on a few collected classes’ worth of marketing students at Providence College. I was asked by good friend and former client Ed Gonsalves to talk a bit about how Social Media and Mobile has changed marketing in recent years. While marketing isn’t necessarily a core interest of mine, I’ve been involved in it in one way or another fairly constantly over the years. I think it’s actually hard to NOT be involved in some way when you work as a design and strategy consultant. If you’ve ever heard me carry on about how much design is all about communication and influencing behavior, and how much technology must be an integral part of your vocabulary in order to do it well on the web then you’ll know what I mean. And if not, well - it might be worth it to check out the slides or watch the video of my talk from Future of Web Design in 2010. (At least I think so - or I wouldn’t spend so much time talking about it, writing about it and teaching it!)

Anyway - here are the slides, and with luck I’ll have the video posted in the next few days. I can’t thank the good people at @ProvidenceCol enough for the opportunity and excellent facilities, to say nothing of the excellent questions raised by the students themselves. Please feel free to comment here or on Twitter with the hashtag #SoMoMarketing - I think it’s a good topic to discuss.

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