Life at 'net' speed: heading to DrupalCon in San Francisco for

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When I woke up Wednesday morning I was looking forward to an always-fun and interesting meeting day on the project, for which I’m the platform architect. We’re working on a platform targeted at independent schools to maintain their own web sites, parent and alumni communities, and the whole project is really satisfying. Great challenge, great way to help bring innovation (and huge cost savings) to schools. What proved to be the biggest surprise of the day was Mark, the founder, deciding that I really needed to be at DrupalCon next week to absorb more of whats going on in the education space and to meet with a number of our new and prospective clients and colleagues. Regardless of the last minute nature, I have to admit I’m really excited.

Flight and ticket are booked - I’ll be heading out on Sunday and also have the pleasure of staying with my cousin Kevin, who runs his own online advertising/marketing firm working exclusively with non-profits ( I’m happy that his penchant for doing good while he’s doing well is rubbing off.

I’ll be tweeting and blogging from the conference next week, and hope to meet up with as many friends and colleagues as possible. Feel free to follow me on twitter (@jpamental and @newschoolyard) and send me a message if you want to connect. Really looking forward to the meetups with others in the Drupal in Education group, diving in to Drupal 7 even further and learning about new things coming in theming and accessibility. I’ve made it a practice to ensure that everything I do in Drupal is as accessible and web standards-compliant as possible, and I look forward to pushing that further with the combination of Drupal 7, HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Cheer all - and achors(team) aweigh for SanFran.