outline for my talk at FOWD

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I’m taking a page from @cameronmoll ‘s book and putting the outline for my talk @ #FOWD (Future of Web Design conference) up and asking for feedback. I’ve actually just finished my presentation, but it’s not really too late to make changes. Since it’s also a relatively un-talked-about topic (at least from my past few years of web-design-conference-attending experience) I though it might also help attendees decide if this talk is worth checking out at the risk of missing @nickla ‘s talk on Wordpress theming.

Please do let me know what you think, either via the comments, email or @jpamental on twitter.

Web Strategy: What It Is and Why We Need to Care

  1. Why ‘I need a web designer’ is the worst possible thing you could ever hear
    1. What they say vs what they mean
    2. …and what you should do with that
  2. What is it: explanation/definition of ‘web strategy’
    1. What it is (think business understanding, design knowledge and technology awareness and fluency)
    2. …and what it isn’t
  3. Why we should care
  4. Examples:
    1. People - some examples of those who ‘get it’
    2. Corporate/In House vs Agency/Interactive Design Shop
    3. Project (example)
  5. Education:
    1. Who are the ideal candidates
    2. What do we teach them
  6. Conclusion
  7. Resources

I’ll post the whole presentation after my talk - and can hopefully point out where direction changed thanks to your input.