topic overview for my talk on web strategy at Future of Web Design (FOWD) conference

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I’m really excited to be giving a talk in a couple weeks at FOWD. I’ve been attending this conference for a few years now and am still adjusting to the fact that I’m going to be on stage speaking this time around. I can’t wait!

You can check out the conference details here and if you’re quick still grab one of the last few tickets for the conference. (There’s a ton of amazing speakers - Cameron Moll, Paul Boag, Dan Mall, Nick La, Molly Holzschlag to name a few). Here’s the overview for my talk. I’ll be sure to post my presentation after the conference if anyone is interested:

What clients expect of their (increasingly inaccurately defined) ‘web designer’ is a problem. A big one. ‘Web designer’ more often means a ‘web solution’ incorporating design, marketing, IA, UX design, development, Social Media strategy and implementation, mobile apps and/or interfaces and more. But there is another crucial, ill-defined area critical to the success of any web site: how does it fit with and benefit the client and their business? Is it more than simple marketing brochureware? Does it really work for the client, connecting their business units and customers in ways not previously possible, creating efficiencies and opportunities heretofore unimagined? Is it, dare I say - web strategy? We’ll explore what web strategy is, why it’s important and how we as an industry must help foster its growth.