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I’ve had this idea of ‘thinking in pencil’ for a long time. The notion that one’s thoughts, opinions and ideas can shift and grow based on the information at hand, on any given day, at any given moment. Every new experience, sight and sound informs you as a person, an artist and as a designer. That commitment to exploration and the ability to admit and even embrace being wrong is one of the aspects of my own personality that I strive to improve every day. It makes me a better designer, a better manager, a better partner to clients - and a better person.

I try to focus on things relevant to web professionals, designers and other creative thinkers. Not always a successful endeavor, but variation keeps things interesting at least.

The brutal heat of summer breaks...

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Well, we launched 7 projects in about 6 weeks since the 2nd week of August. What a grind! We ended up having 4 different development teams working on the various projects, and it was crazy trying to keep on top of things. But we did it - everything launched. Keeping tabs on upkeep and analytics now, and finally trying to deal with the 1000+ emails in my in box (down to 822 at the moment - a victory of sorts!).

912's back on the road!

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[img_assist|nid=33|title=My '69 Porsche 912|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=140|height=105]Well, it was way overdue. I finally got my 912 back on the road after having the engine rebuilt last summer. I've SERIOUSLY missed driving this car! Now it's back to being fun to drive to work - especially on days with offsite meetings or on Thursdays heading down to Newport for J/24 racing!

public relations in a web 2.0 world

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I participated recently in a panel discussion centered around the use of social media and other ‘web 2.0’ type things in public relations for PRSA-SENE. I had a great time speaking, and was in great company to boot. It’s still quite often a tough sell to bring new ideas into corporate communications - both from a ‘what will my job be then’ and a ‘how do I sell the management on this’ standpoint.

Microsoft - IE 8 and version targeting

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Having been following the discussions lately on A List Apart and on Boagworld, I can't help but wonder if it's actually not a bad idea as long as you could specify 'version current' in order to have it behave as if version targeting didn't exist.

about time

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It's really about time - I've been in this industry for over 10 years, and it's about time I started a blog.