Drupal status message pile-up - HOWTO sort it out on your Media Temple (dv)

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We recently had an issue where status messages would ‘pile up’ and fail to clear until you logged out and back in again. We found different possible causes listed but couldn’t work out the root of it until we saw this:


which led to this:


Turning off the Admin Menu module wasn’t really an option right now, so I ventured onto our Media Temple DV via SSH, did a bit more googling for locations and found this:

my.cnf is located in ‘/etc’

Use VI to edit my.cnf

It probably starts off looking like this:

[mysqld]query-cache-type = 1query-cache-size = 8M


And according to the above sources, I just need to add this:

max_allowed_packet = 16M

so it looks like this:


query-cache-type = 1
query-cache-size = 8M
max_allowed_packet = 16M


Then save the file and restart MySQL with this command:

/etc/init.d/mysqld restart

And after one page reload, voila - status message pileup cleared.



who actually reads this stuff?...

quick question why do you write for no audience?

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It's true that there isn't a huge audience for my site - but it's certainly not 'none'... I've always been surprised at how much traffic comes here looking at the posts about Drupal. Since that's something I know well, seems a natural fit for me to keep writing about it. 

I hope my posts continue to be helpful for those of you who search them out. And for those who question the point? Well, it's your choice to be here. Vote with your feet - I don't mind.

well i just found this totally helpful - I'm experieincing exactly this problem. Thanks so much for posting this.

 thank you for sharing this stuff.. i find it useful, though to solution i made was to disbable the module, cause i don't have access and proper permission to the server side, but this really helps :)

I too found it helpful, so thanks for putting this out there for us to find. I seem to recall having this issue before, so I'll be bookmarking your article for the next time :)

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It's definitely why I do this - happy to have helped someone else out of a jam!

(ironic that this is the post that got the 'who reads this anyway?' comment :P )