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I do a bit of speaking at conferences, camps, classes and meet-ups. Whenever possible I post slides, presentations and videos here.

talking at DrupalCamp @ UMass about Web Strategy & Drupal (with slides)

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I gave a talk today at DrupalCamp ( #DrupalCampWMA ) on Web Strategy and how Drupal fits in that view of the world. I have to say I was hugely gratified with the reception - the room was packed and everyone asked a ton of great questions and sparked wonderful conversations. I've certainly written previously about what web strategy is and why I think it's so important, but what's equally vital is how Drupal can play such an integral role in enabling that strategic approach in designing and developing really compelling web solutions.

hitting the big time: presented at #pvdgeeks last night [updated with video!]

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If you’ve been around the Providence tech scene for any amount of time, you’ve heard about Providence Geeks. According to Jack Templin ( @jacktemplin ) and Brian Jepson ( @bjepson ), this month marks the 4th birthday of the group, and they organize a monthly dinner/drinks/presentation by a local startup, usually at AS220. Not that many get the chance to present, and it’s usually a packed room full of some of the smartest technologists in the area.

slides for my web strategy talk at FOWD

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I wanted to get these up here while it was still fresh in my mind. I can’t adequately express how humbling it was to see you all today for my talk, and my apologies for those who were not able to get in once the space filled! The response has been truly overwhelming.

outline for my talk at FOWD

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I’m taking a page from @cameronmoll ‘s book and putting the outline for my talk @ #FOWD (Future of Web Design conference) up and asking for feedback. I’ve actually just finished my presentation, but it’s not really too late to make changes. Since it’s also a relatively un-talked-about topic (at least from my past few years of web-design-conference-attending experience) I though it might also help attendees decide if this talk is worth checking out at the risk of missing @nickla ‘s talk on Wordpress theming.