Collective Next web site

Collective Next does amazing work, but was not conveying the nature and quality of that work with their existing site. Starting with some discovery workshops we spent time talking through who they are, what they do, understanding their audience and needs, and defining concrete goals to measure the success of their new site. As content is always a challenge, a Drupal framework was quickly developed as soon as the initial architecture was defined. This allowed them to work directly with a living wireframe website, adding notes, images and text to an evolving map of pages.

Working in collaboration with their designers, a look developed that reflected who they are, how they work and what it’s like to engage with them. Using jQuery, CSS3 and a light sprinkling of Typekit, that brand is easily carried through as new content is added. (And it looks just perfect on an iPhone to boot)

Thanks to Drupal and some careful planning, virtually every aspect of the site is easily maintained with a minimum of clicks and complexity.

Visit the Collective Next web site

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