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Collective Next web site

Collective Next web site

Collective Next does amazing work, but was not conveying the nature and quality of that work with their existing site. Starting with some discovery workshops we spent time talking through who they are, what they do, understanding their audience and needs, and defining concrete goals to measure the success of their new site. As content is always a challenge, a Drupal framework was quickly developed as soon as the initial architecture was defined. This allowed them to work directly with a living wireframe website, adding notes, images and text to an evolving map of pages.

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clients:  Collective Next

Nine Technology Web Site site

After developing the identity for Nine Technology it was time for a web presence. Since their solution for online backup and recovery is so unique, the concept of fitting the puzzle pieces together seemed fitting. Using Drupal as the back-end allows the client tremendous flexibility even in redefining the pieces of the puzzle itself: each one is its own piece of content, so new artwork, text and the underlying slide are all pulled directly from the content management system.

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clients:  Nine Technology
Topics:  drupal

North Sails Web App/Flash-based Print-on-Demand Sail Quotes

North Sails Quick Quote system

This was a fantastic project to work on. Starting in 2002, the goal was to create a web-based method for quoting sails to augment a process of them being priced and managed in a DOS-based system. First, a web-based suite of applications was created to store and manage customer and boat information. From there, a pricing application was developed that mirrored the off-line application by importing the same data files into an SQL database and mirroring the formula logic within the web application.

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clients:  North Sails

NorthU web site / North One Design Information Architecture

North Sails One Design site/application architecture

Information Architecture for the North Sails One Design Europe web site, slated to be deployed in the North Sails Global Web platform. NorthU: Designed a website and course registration system that was used to run online course registrations and sell books and CD-ROMs. Developed workflow and information architecture, designed user interface and implemented the site. (The site has since been redeployed in the new web platform I designed prior to leaving North Sails)

Categories:  technologist
clients:  North Sails

Chasing Tradition

Chasing Tradition web site

Designed logo and shirts in addition to designing and developing the website. The site supported live updates via laptop or mobile device by the site owner at collegiate cross-country running events over an 11-week period. The site sustained millions of hits, supported banner advertising and paid subscriptions for premium content. A multi-level registration system for users allowed registered users to comment on posts and in the forum, and premium subscribers had access to additional images, video and article content.

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Maria Bevilacqua Photography

Maria Bevilacqua web site

Maria Bevilacqua is an amazing woman. I met her as she was starting a biscotti company - and her product was simply incredible. After pursuing that for some time she changed gears back to her love of photography. To help capture her style of imagery, her website needed to be extremely minimal. Simple photo icons with mouseovers to explore the site, and a subtle player application to display the images. It really lets her work shine through.

work roles:  production visual design
Categories:  designer

Video Interview Application System

VideoLinc application interface

Designed and developed a complete video interview application suite - from hardware selection to system design and development to video compression, transfer and management from a local client/server environment at job fairs to a network video server intergrated with the client's job candidate profile system. The system was comprised of 10 laptops and a local server deployed at job fairs. Candidates were guided through the process of recording themselves answering an interview question.

Categories:  technologist
clients:  IdealHire

Stars & Stripes web site - 2003 America's Cup

Stars & Stripes web site

Building on the success of the site produced for the 2000 America's Cup, Dennis Connor and his Stars & Stripes syndicate hired my new company (Bathysphere) to design and produce the site for the 2003 cup. Responsible for design, development, technology sponsorship development and interactive strategy. Developed and launched the first live-commentary race coverage application on any of the competing syndicate sites during the 2003 America’s Cup (supporting thousands of concurrent users during races).

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Battery Park City Authority - Green Building Project

BPCA Green Building chronicle

Responsible for design, script editing and production on the third chapter explaining the various 'green' aspects of the first apartment building of its kind in New York City. Each section was represented with text, animation and voiceover to explain how various sytems in the building save water, electricity, waste and materials. Click to view Chapter 3: The Building

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