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North Sails Global Website Platform

North Sails global web site platform

Over the last year working for North Sails, I spent a great deal of time researching and developing two separate prototype Content Management Systems to support North's needs for public websites worldwide. After developing documentation defining users, business needs and specific functional requirements, there were at the time no reasonable alternatives in existing platforms. After developing the prototypes, enough advances had been made that it started to make sense to start with an existing platform and extend from there.

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North Sails Web App/Flash-based Print-on-Demand Sail Quotes

North Sails Quick Quote system

This was a fantastic project to work on. Starting in 2002, the goal was to create a web-based method for quoting sails to augment a process of them being priced and managed in a DOS-based system. First, a web-based suite of applications was created to store and manage customer and boat information. From there, a pricing application was developed that mirrored the off-line application by importing the same data files into an SQL database and mirroring the formula logic within the web application.

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NorthU web site / North One Design Information Architecture

North Sails One Design site/application architecture

Information Architecture for the North Sails One Design Europe web site, slated to be deployed in the North Sails Global Web platform. NorthU: Designed a website and course registration system that was used to run online course registrations and sell books and CD-ROMs. Developed workflow and information architecture, designed user interface and implemented the site. (The site has since been redeployed in the new web platform I designed prior to leaving North Sails)

Categories:  technologist
clients:  North Sails
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